Water systems are complex, involving many sources, many uses and many users. Wateraware has experience investigating, evaluating and synthesizing information about water requirements into an understandable profile. From this profile, Wateraware develops a strategy with the owner to evolve to an efficient and sustainable water relationship. Recent relationships have been successful with the City of Santa Cruz, Soquel Creek Water District and several Commercial property managers and many private residences. WaterAware is unique.


Scott McGilvray
Scott McGilvray was the co-owner and president of Jensen Corporation and Jensen Landscape Services from 1982 to 2004. During a 30 year career in Landscape Construction and maintenance, Scott worked daily with water systems in all stages from planning, partial construction, construction and operation. Scott has managed them to completion and daily operation. This viewpoint has developed in Scott a finely tuned ability to see into water systems from all aspects, from source to use.

John Moore
John Moore is the owner of Landscape Management Systems, Sacramento. Mr. Moore has been in the Irrigation control business since 1965. Mr. Moore has worked all over California in this capacity. He has developed irrigation control projects himself, and with
Mr. McGilvray for 21 years.

Marcel Menard
Marcel Menard is from Los Angeles and moved to the Bay Area and graduated from U.C.S.C. in fine arts. He has pursued a career in the traditional and digital arts and performance as a musician. He currently owns Creativizion and works as a website developer and designer with a team of talented creatives in the Bay Area and beyond. Marcel has a passion for culture and technology and social movements for change. Marcel first started working with Scott McGilvray during the Water For Santa Cruz County campaign. His efforts to redesign the Water For Santa Cruz County website was vital in the spread of information to the people who needed it the most. He has worked with Scott to bring a combination of design and functionality to both the Water Aware website and the Water for Santa Cruz website.

Jules Holdsworth
Info to come…